Types of Fences and their uses: A fence encloses an area or property and is usually contrasted to mark the territory and as a secondary defence from trespassers. In the earlier times fences were made of wood, back in the days when king’s ruled states, they used fences to mark their territory for the people to stay inside the kingdom and also as a small measure against the enemy. In the 21st century, some things have changed and some have remained the same. Fencing is still used around a lot of areas and properties; private and commercial. Many schools, college, university use fences to mark their boundaries as well as the keep the area enclosed from outsiders. In sub urban areas, people have long used fences for marking their territory. Nowadays fences are made out of a several amount of materials, some types of fences are:

  1. Brushwood
  2. Picket fence
  3. Barb wire fence
  4. Vinyl fence
  5. Chain link fence
  6. Spear top fence

Some of these are for mild decoration, other solely for the purpose of protection and some offer a mixture of functionality and practicality. Why chain link fences are becoming popular: Chain link fences are becoming more and more popular, earlier only used for commercial purposes they are now being used in the housing and private sector too because of their high functionality and low maintenance. Chain link fences are available as black, brown, and green, steel grey, even white. You might recall seeing some of these fences around the sports grounds and fields in your school or college; these are generally green in colour. Nowadays a lot of people are opting for chain link fencing Langley as they are stronger than wood and more practical too, require less maintenance and cost cheaper than normal wooden fences or picket fences that you’d have to pain by yourself, and they help keep the intruders out.