Wooden Fences:

Wooden fences have been around since the early 19th century, they were used around horse stables, farms, houses, basically everywhere. If you recall the famous scene from the movie ‘Karate Kid’ then you remember Daniel-San painting those picket fences. Wooden fences look exceptionally good and are great for decorating the house. They not just mark the area if your property but they are also a great addition to the look of your house; there is something undeniably charming and attractive about a white picket fence around a nicely built house.

Chain Link Fences:

Chain link fences are totally different than its counterpart, they weren’t invented until a few decades ago and rather than being used for general households and decorative displays, chain link fences are made out of galvanized steel and are extremely popular in the commercial sector, school and colleges and universities all around use these to fence their areas and their playgrounds. Chain link fences are now becoming popular in domestic and private sector too because of their reliability and strength. They do not need to be painted unlike their wooden counterparts, they don’t require maintenance; they extremely sturdy and are built to withstand and last. Because of their height they provide generous protection against trespassers and thieves. More and more people are buying chain link fencing Chilliwack. They are extremely popular in sports complexes and other commercial businesses. They have a height ranging from 3 feet and going up to 14feet high. Their sheer versatility gives them an edge over their wooden counterparts. Here is a list, to name a few advantages of chain link fences over wooden ones.

  1. Low Cost: chain link fencing costs less than half its wooden rival. Chain link would only set you back 7-8 dollars per sq. Feet.
  2. Ease of installation: chain link fences can be installed by anyone with too much fuss, the lack of bulk and light weight makes them easier to place and install.
  3. Reliability: unlike wooden fences, you can actually expect your chain link fence to keep out intruders.
  4. Low maintenance cost: chain link fences were designed to withstand all type of weathers and to have a low maintaining cost; the same can’t be said about its lumbar counterpart.
  5. Longevity: you can actually expect your chain link fence to last you a few years without a great deal of maintenance. The timber rival on the other hand needs to be painted after a few seasons and wood does get spoilt in rainy and winter seasons.